Odoo isn’t just one application. It’s hundreds. Odoo is an enterprise resource platform from which you can manage all your business operations – from supply chain and project management, to accounting and HR.

Out of the box, Odoo includes messaging, sales CRM and reporting modules. Click the settings tab and you’ll be presented with nearly 2000 other modules – bug tracking, project management, timesheets, MRP, recruiting, calendar, warehouse management, and much, much more.

We believe that your time is so busy and facing any issues with your system will ruin your business day, that’s why we have our dedicated staff at your service doing the following:
1– Train your staff on the best practice of the system
2- Support your staff
3- Make backups of your ERP Database
4- Securing and updating your system
5- Customizing your ERP System for fitting your business needs

Media Plan is this the best place to host your Odoo ERP as we offer:

Odoo Hosting

Odoo Security and availability

Odoo Backups and database maintenance

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